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Harvey SterileMax Steam Sterilizer

  • Harvey SterileMax Steam Sterilizer

    Four preset cycles sterilize wrapped and unwrapped instruments, and utensils, end-user customization of sterilization cycles makes the SterileMax adaptable to most other sterilization requirements, easy to read LCD allows quick visualization of sterilization and diagnostic programs, and cycle status, three locks prevent the chamber door from opening until the chamber is depressurized, 18x12in. chamber dimensions, 1.2 cu.ft. chamber capacity, 100°C to 121°C temperature range for liquid-goods cycle, 100°C to 135°C temperature range for hard-goods cycle, 0 to 45 psi pressure range, LCD screen displays temperature, time, pressure, 1 to 99 minute timer range, standard model comes without a printer, 120V, 50/60Hz, 12.5A, 1500W.

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