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XPE105 Analytical Balance

  • XPE105 Analytical Balance XPE105 Analytical Balance

    120g weighing capacity, 0.01mg readability, 0-120g taring range, 0.03mg repeatability at nominal load, 0.015mg repeatability at low load, 0.1mg linearity, 2.5 second settling time, features fully automatic ProFACT motorized self calibration, StaticDetect for detection of electrostatic charges, touch screen graphics terminal with color display, built-in level sensor, illuminated level indicator and leveling assistant for fast and easy leveling, motorized left/right/top draft shields, 78x73mm weighing pan, comes with the optional antistatic ionizer kit attachment p/n 30090337 that eliminates charges from the container and sample, 12VDC.

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