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AKTA explorer 100 Chromatography System

  • AKTA explorer 100 Chromatography System AKTA explorer 100 Chromatography System

    Designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, features method wizard for easy programming, automatic evaluation and reporting, comprehensive column library, automatic media screening, variable run parameters in automated scouting schemes, accurate and automatic BufferPrep covers a broad pH range, easy system modification, fast trouble-free transfer of methods to production scale, 0.01-100mL/min flow rate, 0-10MPa pressure range, programmable upper and lower pressure limits, 190-700nm wavelength range, 3 wavelengths simultaneously, 1µS/cm-999.9 mS/cm (RPC-IEX-HIC gradients) conductivity range, 2-12pH range, compatible with all commonly used chromatographic solvents, includes P-900 pump, UV-900 detector, pH/C-900 pH/conductivity detector (a pH probe is optional), and Frac-950 fraction collector (one rack will be included, you may choose your rack type to pair with the Frac-950), also comes with a Windows 10 computer with UNICORN software installed, alternate configurations are available upon request, depending on availability, 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

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