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AKTA FPLC Chromatography System

  • AKTA FPLC Chromatography System

    The AKTA FPLC is a preparative liquid chromatography system for fast and easy purification of proteins, the compact and flexible design with an expandable rack allows the use of longer chromatographic columns and automation kits, features up to 20mL/min flow rate and 5MPa maximum pressure, UPC-900 measures UV-absorption, conductivity and pH (optional), includes P-920 system pump, UPC-900 detector, Frac-900 fraction collector, INV-907 valve, M-925 mixer, optical unit with UV and conductivity flow cells, also comes with a Windows 10 computer with UNICORN software installed, alternate configurations are available upon request, depending on availability, 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

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