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BioPrinter Version 3 Small Character Ink Jet Printer

  • BioPrinter Version 3 Small Character Ink Jet Printer

    Designed for use with aqueous based protein solutions and may also be used with aqueous or spirit based inks, utilizes a high performance, piezoelectric print head, capable of printing in excess of 2,000 dots per second per jet in one of three type faces covering 3.0, 2.5 and 1.7 mm tall print, print head features 9 vertically in-line jets, features user friendly programming via the built-in terminal, designed to offer a wide variety of print options, product detection by photocell can provide either individual sample message printing, or programmable continuously repeating message printing when there is no photocell interruption, power 110V AC compatible unit, includes user manual, For sale as shown, tested only for basic power up, not covered under SER 90 day standard warranty.

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