CentriVap Concentrator and Cold Trap

  • CentriVap Concentrator and Cold Trap

    Catalog no. 7810014 and 7811020, Uses centrifugal force along with vacuum and heat to evaporate solvents rapidly from multiple biological or analytical samples, features microprocessor-controlled 300W heater that covers ambient to 100ºC temperature range, memory storage for up to 9 user-defined programs with options for temperature, heat time, and run time, glass lid for use with solvents that attack acrylics, brush-less motor runs at up to 1725rpm, cold trap reaches temperatures down to -55ºC in <15 minutes, condenser collects 4-Liters of liquid, comes with Catalog no. 7455000 rotor for 12-17mm tubes, vacuum pumps are also available, 115V, 60Hz.

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