Trobot Thermoblock 96-well Thermal Cycler

  • Trobot Thermoblock 96-well Thermal Cycler

    The TRobot96 is a remote thermocycler designed specifically for robotic systems and intended for use in automated workflow environments, features an integrated cycler with external controller, motorized plate lifter, motorized heated lid, 110º lid opening angle, adjustable lid pressure, small footprint, low power consumption, communication occurs via RS232 serial interface and can be integrated into existing automation software environments, -3.0 to 99.9ºC temperature range, 3.5ºC/sec maximum heating rate, 2.5ºC/sec maximum cooling rate, 30-99ºC heated lid temperature range, 0-10kg/plate pressure range, 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz, 270W.

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